My name is Ronnie, and I need your help. Up until recently, I was seeing someone that I thought could satisfy my insatiable sexual needs. I was wrong........it turns out I am way too highly charged sexually to be satisfied by only one man......and one man with a frustratingly low sex drive didn’t have a chance. I have decided to broaden my horizons, to seek out the carnal pleasures of the flesh I crave so deeply, to accept that one man could never be enough to satisfy my longings, my desire for heart-stopping, mind-blowing, cum draining sex, and that it isn’t fair to ask just one man to.

Insatiable SEX kitten

Chi Chi's

I crave cock, I dream about thick cocks, thin cocks, long cocks, short cocks, big cocks, small cocks. I dream about them pounding into my tight, pink, wet pussy for hours on end, milking them dry as my liquid sugar walls tighten around them, pulling them deeper and deeper inside of me. I dream of wrapping my lips around a stiff, hard cock, my tongue teasing and exploring as I drink in the musky taste of cum....

I have always been sexually open and adventurous, an eager, willing, and extremely talented cocksucker, and I know all the exercises to keep my hungry pussy as tight as it was the day before I lost my virginity........no matter how hard you pound it, how much you stretch me with your urgent, swollen cock...

Wanna pet the kitty

Lay lady Lay

I need to be fucked......hard, deep, and often.......I need to feel your cock stretching my mouth, sliding down my throat......I need to taste your cum when you shoot in my mouth, or when I lick you clean after you have shot your load deep inside my pussy, my ass, between my full, soft DD tits...

I need you to take me........fill me......stretch me..........I will keep your cock hard, I will make you cum over and over, I will leave you exhausted, relaxed, and oh so satisfied. I love taking multiple cocks at the same time........being filled in every possible way, satisfying, draining, making hard again each and every cock...

Lower down girl .. Lower down

Look at my pictures......imagine your cock sliding in and out of me......your cum in me and on me, in my hair, leaking from my pussy, my ass, the corners of my ripe mouth........look into my eyes and see how much I want you, want to satisfy your lust with my body..............then pick up the phone and call me at

O Baby

Some of the boys call me Blue eyes ...

Call Toll Free!!



Email Ronnie ~ ronnie@1877pussy61.com

Call me even if I'm offline 1-877-271-5611
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If I'm out or it's busy .. Please call the Sexy 24/7 Hostess

1-877-PUSSY-61 ~~~ 1-877-787-7961

she will tell you when I will return or help you find a Sexy Lady guaranteed to please !

Rates are 2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum. We accept 4 Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Your time will be billed by your Mature Maiden. All information Ronnie asks you is solely for credit card verification. Ask about international rates & specials

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