Nasty Nellie Robinson

Mrs. Robinson in the flesh

Do you want to be Teachers Pet??


Well, here I am, Naughty Nellie Robinson, the woman responsible for the erotic librarian stereotype. On the surface, I'm formal and efficient, but deep down inside, below my panties, I sizzle.

Just look at that pussy. I just can't get enough of you hot men.

I retired a few years ago but could not stay away from the Library so I substitute teach there.
When People call the Library Media Center, the LMC, I smile sweetly because that's what men call my pussy.  
My LMC is the Lusty Mother Cunt, and that's where those naughty boys with bulges in their pants go for afternoon detention and masturbation classes.

Homework or bonework was never so much fun.

As those naughty boner boys show me their "Boards of Education,"

I slide my hands all over my breasts to demonstrate the real learning curve. There are absolutely no restricted sites in this library. After all, teachers do encourage you to share

As I catalog their cocks, I say "One, two, three, look at me,"

and they do, with all three of their penetrating eyes. When they are about to shoot their loads,

I say "One, two, three, cum with me" and they do.

This older and bolder woman knows all kinds of things. So if you
want a sticker and a smiley face, call for a special pre-signed pass into my warm humid LMC.

Class is in Session!



I love a dirty note ~

If I'm out or it's busy .. Please call the Sexy 24/7 Hostess

1-877-PUSSY-61 ~~~ 1-877-787-7961

she will tell you when I will return or help you find a Sexy Lady guaranteed to please !

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