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My name is Helen. As you can see I am just filled to the brim with granny love.

I have always loved sex that may be what ended my last marriage. The doctors told my husband to slow it down in the sack, but he knew how much I needed it.

Since I am now alone, except for the occasional “friends” that stop by. I decided I would do something I have always wanted to do.

Which is have sex, and just spread my granny love all over.

One of my “friends” came by the other day. He caught me playing with my pussy and asked if he could just watch for a while. I told him sure, knowing that would make me really get off. I took my biggest dildo and started sucking on it while I fingered my cunt to make it good and wet. After I was really dripping, I started fucking myself with it. I asked my “friend” if he would like to lick my clit while I fucked myself. Of course he was more than agreeable to that.
After doing that for a while, he wanted me to fuck him with the dildo. I did him one better and got out my strap-on. He was so excited he started drooling at the mouth and cock. I licked his pre-cum off his cock before I started fucking him. I love the taste of cum! If you can believe it, I got even hornier, just tasting it.
I decided to fuck him like a little bitch and had him lay on his back with his legs spread wide open. I love to look in his face while I ram a big cock up in him, my goodness how he looked just like his father used to look. Before long I had him moaning and screaming like the little bitch he was. Did I mention this particular friend also happens to be my grandson.
Don’t worry my dear, I don’t just limit it to my family, I spread my love all around. Call me for some mature phone sex, sexy granny love.

Granny is one Horny ol' Broad

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